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the concept

A culinary menu & cultural,in a warm atmosphere.

A place where art is revealed in all its forms.

You come alone, with family or friends, to eat or marvel

A culinary menu

A menu of varied dishes that invite you to travel,

with cuisine exclusively made from

fresh and seasonal products, inspired by revisited and sublimated Mediterranean family cuisine, offering real taste sensations.

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A cultural menu

The KymèM Café is also:

“artistic happy hours”, exhibitions and their openings, café debates and discussions with authors, concerts, theatrical performances, themed evenings and brunches...etc.

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Urbex exposition
FAce à Face
Pierre Alain Brandt

The Kymè Association

It proposes to highlight, throughout Switzerland, artists from the Mediterranean basin. As part of the KymèM Café, the emphasis is more on an exchange between local artists and Mediterranean artists. The main intention is to promote contact between creators and customers.

1000 thanks!

We would like to thank all our contributors

without whom all this would not have been possible.

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